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Waiting to talk to the the king of Woolworth - Everyday racism at our local branch

Hello,  it's us again, the notorious 12-Apostle trouble makers, and guess what? We're back shouting "racism", with the only difference that this time, there are no visible white people involved (other than me).

So what happened?

Two things really, which on the surface don't have much to do with each other, but are really the result of the very same thing, that is the lingering sickness of our society.

In the one incident, I am shopping with my friend at Woolworth Palmyra Junction early yesterday morning, when a black guy in business attire appears out of nowhere just as I am opening the fridge door to get to the pesto, and asks me:
"Are you two together?" pointing at my friend who is standing a little away from our trolley, rocking her baby.
"Yes." I say, and : "Why do you ask."
"Oh, ok." He smiles and makes to turn away.
"No, really," I stop him: "Why do you ask?".
He  seems embarrassed, mumbles somet…