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The pain of Being White....after almost two years of dialogue

I think we all left this last dialogue caught up in our feelings and thoughts.  Emotions ran high, feathers got ruffled and opinions clashed.  I can not and don't want to give an accurate and full picture of everyone's contributions - as this would go against our safe space and confidentiality agreement.

After sitting with all my confusing, difficult, angry sad and also excited feelings for a couple of days, I finally just sat down trying to summarize what this evening meant to me.

There was one overriding question: is there an "acceptable" pain inherent to whiteness that needs to be acknowledged by black people? 

If the answer is no,  it is followed by the question: is not all individual pain equally important and worth acknowledging?

If the answer is yes: how can today's white pain be compared to, set off against or even be named in the context of the incomprehensible cruelty of hundreds of years of black suffering? And how can it not be addressed in that c…