I don't believe in miracles - I rely on them

I don't believe in miracles - I rely on them

Yogi Bhajan


You found my blog and as I am experimenting with the weird and wonderful world of cyber publishing, let me explain what
a gunna is: it's a word for all things desirable, something that makes us happy and warm and comforts us when we feel tired or sad or lonely. a gunna is the best gadget in the world! it was leah s first word for all things she wanted. Or you might also know it as: dummy, schnulli, pacifier binky, schnuller...... and so on. So this is for my beautiful


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Invitation to Precious Williams

Dear Precious

I have read about you in Elle Magazine – and as a white mother of 2 adopted African children I went through a roller coaster of emotions trying to put your story into perspective for myself and my family. I so wish I could meet you talk to you and just let you see my two utterly and totally beloved girls and how we live our lives together. There is no such thing as the perfect family and ours is by no means that. But I can say this with conviction and from the wisdom of my heart – nothing but love (or the universe or fate or god if you believe in god) put us together as a family. There were no ulterior motives (and Madonna had no hand in it either ). I did not “choose” to have black children. I chose to have children but they decided which way and shape and color they were going to come to me.

To me they are the most beautiful children in the world and the greatest gift the universe has ever given to me.

And as we travel on this journey through life we go nowhere unnoticed but always together and mostly happy.

I wrote on your face book page and on my blog http://gunnagirls.blogspot.com and say it again here: I want to invite you with an open heart and mind to come and visit us in our family home in Cape Town. Spend some time with my children (5 and 2). Tell us about you. Learn about us. Or if you don’t have time, just contact me, be in touch, exchange views on life, love, color, handbags and hairstyles 



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