Happy Holidays!

I feel I really have neglected my blog for too long after such an enthusiastic start. I made several attempts to start a new post, had a couple of ideas and now they are all sitting in my drafts file waiting to be finished. One of the issues I was stuck with is the question I often get asked by friends:

How can you live in this country where there is so much evidence of poverty everywhere around you?

This is a question that rolls around in my head at regular intervals. Sometimes I find it easy to answer, when I feel good about myself; when my business is doing well and people who work for me, who otherwise might not have jobs, are happy; when I give to someone who is asking for money or food and get rewarded with a genuine smile. When I feel connected.

And then there are the other times: When somebody is looking through my dustbin for food and I look away; when I see little children living on the street without anybody - including myself - feeling responsible for them; when I feel overwhelmed, guilty and paralysed; when I feel I don't do enough but don't do anything about it either.

When I feel out of touch.

This is pretty much what it comes down to: The way I feel about living in this country is a mirror about how I feel about myself. When I feel connected to myself and to others the focus is on what I can contribute rather than where I am failing.

My choice to live here connects me to a reality that for most of my friends is just a headline (or not even that) in a news bulletin or a sad story in a book. Sure, it is uncomfortable to be confronted with the harsh realities of other people/s lives - but staying out of these realities by, for example, moving to another country, does not change anything. I feel that by living here I can on a daily basis make a difference, however small it is.

 Of course it is not enough. Nothing I do can ever be enough until there are no more children abandoned and begging in the streets anywhere in the world. But I can try not to look away and open my heart and my eyes to what it is that I can do. And for the little I do do, I already got back so much:

An almost daily reminder and a heightened awareness of how fortunate I am;
and even more importantly I also gained a healthy perspective on life:  When I am faced with obstacles that seem like mountains at the time I only have to take a look at what  most people that live around me have been through and are still battling with on a daily basis -  and the mountains in my way turn out to be only small stepping stones along my life's journey.  And that's what I am grateful for today.
Happy Holidays  ! I wish you all the good luck to find your  life's beauty  in the middle of a crisis.


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