Favourites of the week:

My  friend, mother of two - one self made and one recently adopted - suggests, I put the following comments up for discussion.

1 Where is her real mother
2  Don't these people use contraception

Ok ... let's see: the first one might possibly fall under the clemency of yesterday's enlightened state of mind, in which I suddenly found understanding and love in my heart for those who don't think before they speak (!!! )but are essentially well intentioned. They look me in the eye and hush their voice as to not to alert my child to the fact that a total stranger is asking an intrusive and utmost intimate question about her life. They seem to think that there is some level of understanding between them and me that naturally excludes her -  something that they think they ought to know and she should not. Some uncomfortable, maybe even nasty secret:  THE REAL MOTHER
To those, who look me in the eye and ask where is her real mother, I calmly respond: I am her real mother.
That normally does the trick. Furtive glances around for the black man who might have fathered my children are not uncommon. Or nervous laughter as if I made a joke they don't quite get. Sometimes though, somebody gets it. I can see this by the slightly embarrassed smile as my answer sinks in and they concede: of course you are.
Yes Of Course I Am.

As far as the second one goes: I choose the high road of no comment
(but from somewhere within I hear a growl: Your parents clearly should have. But here you are, you brain dead excuse for a human being)

anything else???


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